Do You Really Know About the Effects of STRESS on Your Body?


backacheSKELETAL Stress causes muscle tension which causes poor posture, hunched shoulders or clenched jaw (creating headaches, tooth conditions) – stiff joints, problems with spinal vertebrae.

MUSCULAR Excessive muscle tension and muscle pain especially in the back and neck which can restrict blood flow around the body.

CIRCULATORY The heart beats faster thus pumping blood more quickly. Excessive and unresolved stress can lead to high blood pressure coronary thrombosis and heart attacks.

LYMPHATIC The Lymphatic system transports excess waste and toxins which circulatory system cannot cope with away from cells and tissues. When circulation is under pressure the lymph works to strengthen the body’s immunity. If Lymphatic system is under pressure from stress immune system suffers thus being more susceptible to colds, coughs, viruses, flu etc

ENDOCRINE Stress is a threat to body and it responds to it like any other danger. Adrenal medulla releases adrenaline and noradrenaline to help us with the fight or flight response. Arrival of adrenaline in body faster heart rate, faster breathing, sweating. Glucose rush from the liver, helps to heighten senses. Prolonged stress can cause amenorrhoea in women and low sperm production in men.

Concept lifestyle image of a signpost directing Work Life Balance against a blue cloudy sky.

Concept lifestyle image of a signpost directing Work Life Balance against a blue cloudy sky.

DIGESTIVE Common effect are ulcers, anxiety and lack of relaxation causes over production of gastric juices, without anything to work on they will attack the lining of the stomach. Other effects are IBS and or Constipation

RESPIRATORY Breathing rate increases as shallow breaths are a result of stress.

NERVOUS Anxiety fear and other negative feelings affect the nervous system causing heart rate to increase, breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances and stomach problems. All physical effects are caused by nervous system over-working in response to stress.


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